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Special Features for VPP & Demand Response

The following is the features of the previous (2018) show.

Special Features for VPP & Demand Response

Along with the spread of renewable energy such as solar power and wind power generation, dispersion power supply is rapidly progressing.

Technologies for VPP (Virtual Power Plant) and EV electricity utilisation are on display!

  • Product/Technology Highlight
  • Keynote Session
  • Technical Session

Product/Technology Highlight (excerpt)

Conference Sessions related to VPP & Demand Response concurrently held!

SG-S1Technological Frontiers of VPP and Power Grid Stabilisation

・Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp.
・The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
・Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.

BJ-6Frontiers of Stationary Energy Storage Systems and Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

・Waseda University
・TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc.
・Toshiba Lighting & Technology Co.

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